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Education – Building technology that is hygienic, functional and safe

Barrier-free doors, room hygiene, preventive fire protection, protection against vandalism: these are just a few of the keywords that outline the demands for door, window and safety technology in the education sector. GEZE understands the demands and provides individual and solution-oriented advice in every project phase.

Innovative building technology for education

The architecture of nursery schools, schools or universities must be functional, hygienic, inviting, and safe. One example: doors and windows play an important role in natural ventilation and fire protection. Retractable arm drives by GEZE help ensure comfortable daily ventilation – even for hundreds of windows. In preventive fire protection, furthermore, they ensure safe smoke removal, while locking mechanisms improve burglar-protection.

Accessibility always goes hand-in-hand with the planning of an educational institution. Automatic sliding and swing doors ensure that buildings can be entered without assistance. Additional sensors help to open doors automatically, and the free swing function allows the door to be opened with minimum effort.

And let's not forget: doors and windows should not provide a target for vandalism. Door closers installed in the doors help with this.

GEZE understands these demands for building technology for nursery schools, schools and universities, and supports you in all stages of the project.